I was 19 when I first discovered the joy of solo travel. I was studying, broke and had to lie to my parents that I am traveling places for events and competitions.

I was 21 when I quit my engineering and went to Hampi followed by a number of places. I started writing and slowly, as the wanderlust grew inside me, I ended up spending 400 days on road. I traveled from North to South and East to West between August 2013 and February 2015. I have worked at shacks in Goa, organized camping at music festivals, cleaned mountains and lived under the most minimal conditions one can imagine.

When people ask me why I travel, I never have a proper answer. Maybe because solo traveling is the only way I can be myself, I can do anything, I can wear whatever I wish to, I can be Anshul Kumar Akhoury all the time.

As a writer, I find places to be, views to inspire me and those experiences come down in my blog posts.

Why this blog, you ask me. Off late, I have seen a number of people quit their jobs and travel for a reason or another.This blog is a place to prove that one can travel while having a full-time job and you can still experience your love for travel in a way or another. Inner peace doesn’t come from leaving the world behind, it comes when you learn to deal with things around you and accept yourself as a part of the universe around you.

Hi, I am Anshul from Patna, New Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and many more places. An engineering dropout, an ad copywriter, an adventure enthusiast and someone who always gets into trouble because of his antics. Come, let’s set on a journey, we have places to explore, things to see. We will run, we will fall, get drenched in the rain, shiver in snow, sweat in desert heat and dance to the tunes of the music that life plays. Trust me, it’s going to be wonderful.