When you are roaming in  landmark make sure that you enter their comic book section. Although I rarely find any girl there but this one I met other day wearing a Batman T-shirt and checking out Thy Kingdom Come by Alex Ross which is one of the most acclaimed run in DC Comics. I immediately fell in love with her but sighs.

India has very almost no platforms for Comic Book lovers and followers of Geek culture. Even a lightsaber is privilege to find in this country. Music fans have Planet M other stores, book lovers got so much here, metalheads have concerts and you can find headbangers merch everywhere. We have nothing to express our love towards obsession. Confession: I can fall for a girl who has pic clicked with lightsaber in her DP. It makes her look nerdy hot. 

Anyways if you come across such store like Hysteria in Bangalore or Mumbai make sure you enter, Finding a girl there is a very rare chance and even if you meet one she’ll be the center of attraction of every nerd present there:(. Look at her checking that Avengers Mondo poster so approach her and ask which is her favorite mondo poster. Talk to her about works by Joss Whedon and ask what is her favorite. Ask her if she liked The Dark Knight trilogy and if she replies something like that the third part was terrible, you’ll know that she is at-least honest with her choices. 

Find a girl who is a fan of Star Wars trilogy and quotes lines from Lord of the Rings. In evening you can spend your time with her trying out figuring out symbolism behind V For Vendetta and Watchmen. You don’t know the multiverse theory but it certainly sounds kinda cool if you start exploring the chain of possibilities.

Date someone who demands LOTR Box Set at valentine’s day and is a fan of geek sign t-shirts. Chosing b’day gift for such couples become easier. You should not have problem if she steals a Star Wars Tee or two from your collection. Go to Comic Cons all around country, that will give you a lot of travel opportunities as well. Scare her with Scream Mask. Spend time playing Arkham Asylum or Assasin’s Creed figuring out easter eggs.

Date a girl who loves geek culture and proudly associates herself with it.