So this colors show got Anandi married for 3rd or 4th time on TV including a child marriage to show a social evil on TV but instead told how much fun a child marriage could be. I don’t watch such stuff but my mother does so I have huge information about daily soaps. They have evolved from Ekkkta Kapoor era to more bulshit era with plots getting retarded with times. 

I don’t want to talk about crap emotions and stupid drama that these shows convey but I am going to talk about the false sex education these serials keep coming with. You must be wondering how is daily soap and sex education are related, then let me tell you how.

Ram Kapoor is a wife swapping expert. Two wives right now and one marriage earlier. I believe he has lost count the number of times he has got married.

On other hand Anandi is a husband swapping expert. Hey Anandi do you have an idea who exactly your husband is? 

Talk about super husband-wife swapping how can you miss Kya hua tera wada. I don’t even know what was going on between Mona Singh-Pawan Shankar-Mouli Ganguly-Hiten Tejwani. Nothing can get more weird  and complicated than this.

There is this show on Zee TV where a girl gets pregnant before marriage and she hid that from her family, how realistic, too bad that her mother didn’t taught her sex education and and the boy forgot to use a condom. This serial should come with a condom commercial.

Recently on another show lead characters had sex before marriage. I don’t know names because I don’t follow crapy shows. I think she is going to get pregnant soon. If not then there families gave them proper sex education. Also on Housewife why is Sona not yet pregnant counting at the act that her husband is such a despo. 

Coming to conclusion I have some questions.

1 Is Ram Kapoor’s family properly sex educated?

2 How did Balika Vadhu and Kya hua tera wada skip 10 years and technology is still same?

3 Who will marry next in Balika Vadhu? Anandi or Jagya?

4 How come everyone gets pregnant in sex before marriage?

5 I love Navya, any chance she can swap Anant with me?

6 How can a saas bahu relationship be as retarded as Gopi and her mother-in-Law. Where to find a wife like her?

7 Why characters of Housewife talk in fake and retarded so called Allahabadi accent and why don’t they make a show with actual Allahabadi cast? Also is Sona going to get pregnant any time sooner?