It’s been quite some time I’ve heard from people calling me immature because of my tastes, things I like sound inferior to them. I grew up among comic books like every other kid and didn’t gave up reading them. So this started some months back, listening from known ones about how I am immature because I like comic books, harry potter type movies etc and they are mature because what they read and watch is serious and better than what I do. 
So a month back after some argument with some friends I decided to do stuff what mature people do. It’s like someone stopped listening Himesh Reshamiya because no one in his friend circle liked him. I decided to sell my large comic book collection and change my reading habits. I goggled for books that mature people read and ordered two books by PG Wodehouse and Jhumpa Lahiri. Then I downloaded some mature movies, one of which is Eternal Sunshine of Spotless mind which I am trying to finish from 6 months and yet not able to go beyond 30 minutes.  These movies and books are just way too different and beyond my understanding but I don’t guess it makes my taste lower than those who like them. 
It takes me a day or two to finish a 300 page graphic novel, when I started with PG Wodehouse I was not able to finish even 50 pages of what we wrote in 15 days. I have not even touched that Jhumpa Lahiri book and never going to read it, I guess.  
In this journey to attain maturity and prove others I lost myself. I cannot change what I love and do for sake of what other people say. If you read that serious stuff just because it brings you in elite section then you need to rethink. I may be childish and whatever people like to call me but I don’t run around judging people by what they read, watch or listen. I don’t even have argument power that I used to have because somewhere I realized all of it is of no use. 
Anyways I returned to my so called immature ways because at-least something is there that defines me and I have no doubt about it. You may be wondering why I wrote this post and explained this much if I have no doubts, it is just that I write a lot of random crap this one is one of it.